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Cold Process Yarn Sizing Chemicals

Cold Process Yarn Sizing Chemicals
Cold Process Yarn Sizing Chemicals
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Product Description
Cold Process Yarn Sizing Chemicals

First kind in India, After long resurch and Development by Anjana Tex It's bring you a latest technology, A cold process sizing chemical texo-9 and texo-99 (It is a very short cut process for users).

This chemical is basically used on sectional warping with olling device, no need of heating, you Just apply TEXO-9 sizing chemical on yarn through olling device and prepare the beam, Any kind of yarn can be sized with this chemical. Needed pick up of chemical gets through the variation of speed of oiling device.

Practical Experience with The New Cold Sizing Process Texo-9:
The New Cold Sizing Process Texo-9 Sizing Chemical was Develop by Anjana Tex. In the mean time practical experience has been gianed wiht this new technology in various weaving areas. it has been proven that all demand in the process are fully met; Yarn protective sizing, surface coating, energy saving, less pollution as well as flexibillity and cost saving. The big advantage is the fact that Texo-9 sizing chemical, sizing may be Integrated into sectional warping process, reduces cost and time Involved considerably. Up to now a comprehensive range of all kindo f warp material has been sized successfully. It is also used as spin oil and Omit Intermangaling Process and Reduce cost of compressed Air.

Cold Process Sizing Chemical Texo-99:
Polyester, micro filament, Roto yarn, Twisted yarn, Nylon filament, Viscose & Pure Silk yarn, Glass Fibre, Spun yarn, Modal yarn, Single Cotton Yarn, Tyre cord Yarn and any kind of T.P.M. Yarn. For defectles weaving and for good weaving efficiencies our cold process sizing chemical Texo-99 is highly effective and these advantages in cost saving can not be expressed in figures as yet.

Some of The Important Types Are Listed Below
A weaving mill for lidies outerwear fashin uses in warps mainly Nm 34's PES/Viscose 50/50 OE. Up to now these warps were cold sized on the sectional wraper with the usual waxing device without drying. These results never convincing. Therefore, the target for Texo-99 sizing chemical was to improve weaving efficiently as well as to avoid pilling formation with irregular fabrics like pinstripes, black and white picka nd pick can now be produced easily. Furthermore, it was possible to reduce the fibre fly in the weave room considerably, which reduces cleaning and improves working condition. For nerrow Fabrics TEXO-99 has proved excellent result. It is also used as finishing materials.

The positive result in weaving confirming the technology, the machine and the only 3% size pick on an average. The mill is mean while in position to produce fabrics who need sizing eitherconventional sizing chemical e.g warps such as;
  • Nm 18's PES/Viscose flame yarn
  • Nm 34's linen blended yarns
  • Nm 50's Viscose etc.
  • Spun Yarn
  • Modal Yarn
  • Singal cotton yarn
  • Glass Fiber Yarn
  • 30-40-50-60 Denier Bemberge yarn or Viscose yarn
  • 20-30 Denier Nylonor Polyester.
For time and cost resons commission sizing was out of question. Due to excellent experience with
  • Better weave room efficiencies of the warps
  • Top warp quality
  • Little dust formation.
Many weaving mills using successfully Texo-99 sizing chemical, processes coloured warps of Nm 50's combed cotton with 4800 ends per 160 cms with inthe past this warps were sized conventionally with size pick up of 13% With Texo-99 sizing chemical the size pick up 3% is sufficient ot achieve good weave room efficiencies. The reason to do so is the new size application process in conjunction with the sizeed product. This invention provides a sufrface coating to the yearn, that is the sizes penetrates only intothe other section of the yearn. Wtih Texo-99 sizing chemical significantly concentrated size products are used. Threrfore, the absorption of size required is reduced to only 32.5% and thus the water evaporation reduced only 20% of the weight of the warp (residual moisture on a basis of 6%).

With TEXO-99 Sizing chemical the energy consumprion for the dyeing process is threrfore reduced by 80% compared to the conventional sizing process. This type of weaving mills run eighter short styles and warps of only 200-800 meters. TEXO-99 Sizing chemical is ideal because of its short warp sheet within the machine.

Furthermore, during various large-scale trails it has been proven that TEXO-99 Sizing chemical is ideal for terry towel both in gray and coloured warps. They are sized without problems in widths up to 2230 cms. For warp knitting as well as circuller knitting. It is give excellent result.

The weaving efficiencies are at the same level as the conventionally iszed warps. In events further advantages of the process could be observes as example:
  • Abasolutely parallel yarns in the warps sheet without any crossed ends or gaps between the ends.
  • Due to the new application process a totaly reduced yarn hairiness is achieved and last but not least.
  • Very short settng up due to easy operation and applicability of chemical.
A new applications ha sbeen developed recently by integrating TEXO-99 Sizing chemical application process into a conventinal sizing machine replacing the size box a t a large terry towel-weaving mill. Gray as well as coloured terry towel warps could be sized. From the results observed so farsignificant saving on space, energy and other cost may be achieved.

Yes, the decisive factor today is more than ever the profitability of an investment. The calculation of profitability must, therefore include the expenditure for building, machinery, staff and energy. ON the basis of above facts depriciation amounts to 8-24 mounts. The big advantage in finishing is the fact that during desizing of such fabricsl only 50% or less size have to be washed out, and easy process since the size is located only on the outer surface of the yarn.

These fact feature
  • Last desizing
  • Easy eashing
  • Lower water consumption
  • Lower waste water pollution.
These advantages in cost saving cannot be expressed in figures as yet. The above facts prove the TEXO-9 and TEXO-99 Sizing chemical, the new cold sizing process invented by Anjana Tex is the sizing technology for the features.